Web Excursions 2021-11-18

Daring Fireball: Apple’s New Self Service Repair Program

  • This appears to be a cause for celebration in right-to-repair circles, but I don’t see it as a big deal at all.

  • Almost no one wants to repair their own cracked iPhone display or broken MacBook keyboard;

    • even fewer people are actually competent enough to do so.

    • I just don’t see how more than a sliver of people would even want to do this rather than go to a professional shop.

  • Today’s announcement, to my eyes, is about nothing more than

    • reducing regulatory pressure from legislators who’ve fallen for the false notion that Apple’s repair policies, to date, have been driven by profit motive — 

    • that Apple profits greatly from authorized repairs, and/or

    • that their policies are driven by a strategy of planned obsolescence,

      • to get people to buy new products rather than repair broken old ones.

  • I don’t believe either of those things,

    • but for those who believe either or both, I don’t see how this Self Repair Program really changes anything other than who’s performing the labor.

  • I don’t see how this is eco-conscious at all.

    • It doesn’t enable people to repair older devices that Apple itself and authorized repair shops weren’t themselves able to repair.

Apple announces Self Service Repair | Hacker News


  • Anybody saying this is a response to recent anti-trust headlines doesn't understand how a company the size of Apple works.

    • When an announcement like this is made, it means this program has been in the works for YEARS.

  • now, when the revenue growth is coming from services instead of hardware,

    • it doesn't pay to piss off customers by making them buy a new phone a year early because the battery died.


  • I know how companies of this size work. When they have regulatory/pr/legal risk, they can move really fast for their size.

  • Don’t know if that’s the case here, but given it only covers subset of parts of few latest models, limited to USA initially, and will likely take a few years to properly expand, it could totally be rushed in timeline of under a year.


  • this move is created to kill the growing criticism against its increasingly hard to repair devices,

  • while also ensuring that they have a ready excuse to reject parts bought from a third-party so that consumers are forced to buy only costly "genuine" parts from Apple.