Web Excursions 2021-10-22

We Analyzed 425,909 Favicons • iconmap.io by iconmap.io

  • we decided to fetch the Tranco top 100,000 websites and analyze their favicons.

  • The median favicon file is 1.9k bytes.

    • Discord’s favicon is a 280k monster.

    • The big winner is the mesmerizing favicon from eventhorizontelescope.org, clocking in at a hefty 7MB

  • Lufthansa has an apple touch icon that’s 7087x5197.

  • The NFL favicon is a bruising 2000x2000.

  • The vast majority of the favicons offered up by websites are PNG. 71.6% of <link rel=”icon”> images are PNG.

    • 21.1% of /favicon.ico files are secretly PNGs, including Reddit’s.

    • Strangely, only 96.1% of Apple touch icons are PNG. Presumably the other 4% are broken.

  • uts.edu.au PNG icon is in fact a Photoshop PSD file.

  • even top tech companies can’t get their HTML right.

    • Youtube says their icon is 144x144, but it’s 145x145.

    • Twitter says their favicon is an image/x-icon, but it’s a PNG.

Thread by @Benedictevans on Big Tech mergers

  • A common talking point in tech anti-trust: big tech companies have made hundreds of acquisitions in recent years, and almost none were reviewed, let along stopped.

  • So, last month the FTC released some actual data, for Google, Apple, FB, Amazon and Microsoft.

  • Half these deals were worth less than $10m and 80% less than $50m.

  • Most of them are in the USA, and that trend doesn't seem to be changing

    • They're buying the people

  • Most of these 'hundreds of deals!' are not anti-competitive.

    • (Is a company really a competitive threat to Google if it's 3 people willing to sell for $5m?_)

  • There were 2,500 $50m+ venture exits in the USA, and only 86 of those went to big tech.

    • 3% of the deals that could theoretically have produced a venture return went to GAFAM

  • 600 big tech acquisitions in a decade!"

    • sounds like a lot, but what's the context?