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HDMI Cables: Types and Specifications Explained | Tripp Lite

  • Chroma subsampling is a form of video data compression. It reduces the amount of color data in a video signal in such a way that there is little or no visible impact on image quality.

  • Each pixel in a video image includes information on brightness (luma) and color (chroma).

  • Chroma Subsampling is represented as three digits.

    • The first number is the number of pixels in each row of the sample.

    • The second number indicates the number of pixels in the TOP row that have color information.

    • The third number indicates the number of pixels in the BOTTOM row that have color information.

  • Examples

    • 4:4:4 means no subsampling. Each pixel has its own color information

    • 4:2:2 indicates that two adjacent pixels on each row share color information, representing a 50% reduction in color data

    • 4:2:0 means the bottom row has no color information and uses the information provided for the top row. This approach reduces the color data by 75%.

Stanford CS Curriculum 2021

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  • npunt: Given the power tech has over the daily experiences of billions and how many questions of values and ethics it is now directly confronting in society, I'm a little surprised there's just one ethics course and one law course that cover these subjects, and they're electives

    • Ten years later you may not remember the details, but at least you'll remember there's some kind of ethical framework or lesson that explains why a course of action your boss is considering might not be right or has implications they're not considering.

    • rawtxapp: I've never seen any value whatsoever in these ethics classes. The hypotheticals and situations presented and discussed in many of them are very similar to yearly mandatory classes we have to take at FAANG (and many other workplaces I assume) and it boils down to having a checkbox that says "I'm not stupid".

  • sdevonoes: I still remember the curriculum of my CS degree in Europe; about 80% of the students didn't pass the first year because of its heavy mathematics + physics content.