Web Excursions 2021-05-27

News Rundown: May 25, 2021 - Hot Pod News

  • Over at The Guardian, Fiona Sturges asks a question that’s been on a lot of minds in podcast land for a bit: “Are celebrities ruining podcasting?”

  • The root of what we’re talking about here is anxiety over what can feel like a small, zero-sum pie.

    • This feeling is understandably held by podcast-native creators

    • who are concerned that relatively powerful celebrities are pushing them out of opportunities or value, whether we’re talking about advertising interest or,

    • more simply, potential listeners.

  • Whether or not the pie is actually zero sum is worth some debate,

    • but there’s no denying that the heavy influx of celebrities into podcasting carries a strong waft of… dare I say, digital gentrification.

Neovim (0.5) Is Overpowering | CrispDev

  • Neovim 0.5 brings in new features that important to a modern code editor:

    • A built-in LSP (Language Server Protocol) client

    • Tree-sitter syntax engine

    • Lua API improvements

  • Language Server Protocol is created by Microsoft, RedHat and Codenvy,

    • which provides language features (e.g. completion, navigation, formatting, and so on) through JSON-based RPC protocol,

    • so IDEs and editors are able to follow a unified protocol for different languages.

  • Vim use cscope to handle these features but it is not good for every language and not intelligent enough.

    • There are popular Vim LSP clients include ale, coc.vim, LanguageClient-neovim, and vim-lsp, which tries to bring language servers to Vim/Neovim.

    • But Neovim 0.5 embeds a built-in LSP client by itself instead of plugins.

Upheaval at freenode [LWN.net]

Freenode are now routinely hijacking channels that indicate they moved to Libera.

Freenode - Wikipedia

Freenode, stylized freenode and formerly known as Open Projects Network, is an IRC network used to discuss peer-directed projects. Their servers are accessible from the hostname chat.freenode.net, which load balances connections by using the actual servers in rotation.

On 19 May 2021, Freenode underwent what staff described as a "hostile takeover", and twenty to thirty volunteer staff members resigned. Following the events, various organisations using Freenode – including Wikimedia, Ubuntu, CentOS, and Gentoo Linux – moved their channels to Libera Chat, a network created by former Freenode staff.