Web Excursions 2021-04-23

🌟 [Post of The Day] Standard Textile Care Symbols · Issue #410 · Crissov/unicode-proposals


  • TeMPOraL: Standard Textile Care Symbols? There is an actual standard for that?

    • throw0101a: ISO 3758:2012, Textiles — Care labelling code using symbols: https://www.iso.org/standard/42918.html

      • See also GB/T 8685, JIS L 0001:2014, ASTM D5489-96c, which are national versions that are basically the same as ISO

    • dmurray: Having different displays for different markets is exactly what Unicode allows for:

      • you specify the intended symbol, and then it's localised in the font you choose.

      • An example from the proposal is "flat dry when wet, European variant has two bars, US and Canadian variant has three bars".

  • cletus: Obviously ASCII was insufficient as it only really had Latin characters. Providing a standard interchange for the world's languages is a noble goal.

    • But then (IMHO) Unicode went completely off the rails by trying to create a code point for every imagine symbol, including emoji.

    • All the while, it's missing (at least as of 2015) key characters in living languages

College student sues Proctorio after source code copyright claim - The Verge

  • Proctorio is one of the most prominent software platforms that schools use to watch for cheating on remote tests.

  • After Erik Johnson [a Miami University student] found out that he’d need to use the software for two of his classes, Johnson dug into the source code of Proctorio’s Chrome extension and made a lengthy Twitter thread criticizing its practices

    • — including links to excerpts of the source code, which he’d posted on Pastebin.

  • Proctorio CEO Mike Olsen sent Johnson a direct message on Twitter requesting that he remove the code from Pastebin

  • The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) has filed a lawsuit against on behalf of Erik Johnson

    • arguing that Johnson made fair use of Proctorio’s code and that the company’s takedown “interfered with Johnson’s First Amendment right.”

  • Students and instructors around the country have volleyed numerous criticisms against Proctorio, claiming it violates student privacy and has the potential to discriminate against marginalized students.

  • Proctorio has engaged critics in court before, although more often as a plaintiff. Last October, the company sued a technology specialist at the University of British Columbia who made a series of tweets criticizing the platform.

Zellij – A Terminal Workspace and Multiplexer

  • uses: this interface is discoverable - it shows me what I can do, which is incredible and makes me want to use it. The main reason I've been a casual tmux user and not an advanced one despite using it for years, is because every time I want to try something new I have to google if it's possible.

    • it uses ctrl-r as a core shortcut. Mega problem: ctrl-r is a built-in bash feature which I use every day to recall previous commands.

  • nsm: more than "written in Rust", what is attractive about these tools (and other Unix replacements like Ripgrep, FZF) is more their attitude of "we have a lot more computing power and higher resolution/larger screens now. let's have saner defaults, intuitive UIs or larger search spaces (in case of FZF) to actually take advantage of that."

  • qwerty456127: What's the point of fitting multiple terminals in a single text-mode screen when everybody is using GUI terminal emulators and tiling window managers?

    • eschneider: the killer feature […] is the fact that the tools preserve state